Visual Identitiy for Ababé

Graphic Design



Brand and visual identity developed for a natural, organic and manual soap brand, fruit of the partnership between two brothers, who are interested in manual making. Using simple techniques and essential oils, Ababé seeks to encourange self care and therefore self love.
Of yoruba origin, the word - a-ba-bé or a-be-be or a-be-be - means: a circular metalic ring with bells, which is at the same time an insignia and musical instrument of the orisha Oxum, divinity of the water of the lakes. The Ababé has a great meaning because when we are able to look at ourself, you can know ourself. 
In Yoruba mythology, Oxum carries a golden Ababé, which differentiates from Iemanjá, who carries a silver Ababé. In Orixás' representations, Oxum always appears in yellow and golden garments.
Therefore, we chose to work with these same colors, using gold as the main color.
Keeping in mind the ideas of the female orisha Oxum, I decided to use a typography that could translate class and tradition. From elements present in the emblem of Oxum, the Ababé, and a brief research of other Orixás' amulets, their representations and forms, we opted to follow a “cleaner” path for the development of the logo, based on more slender lines and with few elements.