Estante Modular Cobogó
Architecture & Design

Academic Project


The Cobogó Modular Bookcase was developed for the Design Studio class at Escola da Cidade - Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, in 2016, in which the proposal was to think about improvements to the building that houses the School of Architecture. The bookcase would be destined for a new library.

Designed with a modular system, the metal sheet shelf allows for the economy of construction materials, since the notches between the modules occur through a chamfer and lateral folds, which consequently generates an interval between the modules - which can also be used. Arranged side by side, the modules have infinite configurations. As it was initially thought for a university library, in the following drawing, the modules can be seen as configuring an 'aquarium' space, a more reserved and quiet room for students who want to study in silence. The objects and books on the shelves can be reached both from inside and outside of the 'aquarium'.