Tangled Up

Visual Narratives & Photography
Personal Project: Visual Artist & Storyteller


During the quarantine period, I resumed personal photographic projects and created new images.
I had the privilege of spending part of the confinement on an isolated beach on the coast of São Paulo, where I had a lot of contact with nature.
On one of my walks, I came across this encounter between an existing tree and a vine that was curling up and leaning on it. I couldn't help but remember the film 'Scent of a Woman' and the scene, in which Frank offers to tango with a girl and explains to her that there is no such a thing as mistakes when dancing, because from a mistake it is possible to create something else and to just keep on dancing.
Frank - So, Donna you tango?

Donna - No, I wanted to learn once, but...

Frank- But?

Donna - But Michael didn’t want to.

Frank - Michael? The one you’re waiting for?

Donna - Michael thinks the tango is histerical.

Frank - Well, I think Michael’s histerical[...]

Frank - Would you like to learn to tango, darling?

Donna - Right now?

Frank - I’m offering you my services. Free of charge. What’d you say?

Donna - Ah..I think I’d be a little afraid.

Frank - Of what?

Donna - Afraid of making a mistake.

Frank - No mistakes in the Tango, not like life. Simple. That’s what makes the Tango so great. If you a mistake, get all tangled up, just tango on.

Frank - Why won’t you try? Will you try?