-23.3796, -44.9571 is the latitude and longitude of Praia do Prumirim and this zine's title. The publication was designed as a gift for a special person. 

designed by: Manuela Lourenço
photographs: Manuela Lourenço
printed by: Gráfica Cinelândia
são paulo, 2018

mars was created for Valongo International Image Festival open call. the whole idea was to make a publication using only existing images, a sustainable choice in a world flood and overpopulated by images. they were all found on the internet by typing the word mars in Google search bar.
the choice to use the word mars was not random, I wanted to play with all the mistery, imaginary and meanings involving the red planet. 

designed and curated by: Manuela Lourenço 
printed by: PowerGraphics 
são paulo, 2017

brand and visual identity developed for a natural, organic and manual soap brand, fruit of the partnership between two brothers, who are interested in resgatar o próprio fazer. using simple techniques and essential oils, ababé seeks to encourange self care and, therefore self love.
of yoruba origin, the word
a-ba-bé or a-be-be or a-be-be means: a circular metalic ring with bells, which is at the same time an insignia and musical instrument of the orisha Oxum, divinity of the fresh water of the lakes. the ababé has a great meaning because when are able to look at yourself, you can know yourself. only knowing its greatness, its defects and its qualities, it is possible that it exercises the empathy towards the neighbor, respecting its decisions and peculiarities, leaving aside the vanity and the ego. only in this way, it is possible for the individual to love and respect himself.
na mitologia iorubá, Oxum, carrega um ababé dourado, o que a diferencia de Iemanjá que, por sua vez, carrega um ababé prateado. nas representações dos orixás, Oxum sempre aparece com vestimentas em tons amarelados e dourados. para o desenvolvimento da marca, optou-se por trabalhar com estes mesmos tons, adotando o dourado como cor principal. tendo em mente os ideias do orixá feminino Oxum, optou-se em utilizar uma fonte que pudesse traduzir classe, tradição e ao mesmo tempo, fosse de fácil leitura.
a partir de elementos presentes na insígnia de Oxum, o ababé, e de um breve estudo sobre outros amuletos de proteção de outros orixás, suas representações e formas optou-se por seguir um caminho mais “limpo” para o desenvolvimento do logo, baseando-se em traços mais esbeltos e com poucos elementos. outra referência também absorvida foram os desenhos de tribos e outros povos e culturas, como a celta. na pasta de referências, pode-se conferir quais foram as referências nas quais a designer se pautou.

client: ababé
status: ongoing
são paulo, 2018

  1. tote bag
  2. business card - back
  3. business card - front
  4. rubber stamp
  5. kraft bag
  6. soaps

visual identity developed for a client who works with chinese medicine and as an aromatherapist. 
the project begun with the brainstorming and sketching of ideas that relate to these millenarian sciences. as in both currents, there is a huge concern with the realignment and balance of all chackras, it was sought to develop a logo that was directly related to this, but which also resembled the idea of the drop, referring to the essential oils treatment.

client: ligia monachini
status: finished
são paulo, 2017

1. logo
2. tote bag
3. note pad
4. rubber stamp
5. business card

visual identity developed for a photographer and videomaker. the logo resembles the camera lens and shutter. 

client: camila othon
status: finished
são paulo, 2018

1. business card - front
2. business card - back

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