seeing possibilities while creating 
personal anotations and studies on my creative process, while developing on demand. 

são paulo, 2018

experiment done at grafias do outro (other's graphys) workshop coordinated by the artist Nydia Negromonte and organized by Feira Plana. the exercise consisted of bringing personal archive's images to the classroom and switching with the other participants. on doing this, we were asked to create our own narratives and therefore, tell a visual story by alterating the images somehow. 
by luck, I received a photographic album found on the streets and recreated the story behind the family extensively portraited in this album. I decided to cut off parts of the photographs, insert another one underneath it and highlighted it.
on the image on the left, we can see a family and its maids all gathered around a big table, painted and highlighted in green, we can see a big farm house. and on the image on the right, we can only see the table, but not the people. 

são paulo, 2017
landscape illustration was made with digital techniques, from hatch studies on autocad and is available in two versions:
1. serigraphy on black colorplus paper;
2. offset printing on ivory colorplus paper.

status: personal project
são paulo, 2016

the collage cabeça no mundo da lua (portuguese expression which literally translated means head in the moon world - something similar to the english expression head in the clouds) is part of the sayings series and was made from digital techniques.

printed by: Paulista Foto on hahnemühle photo rag paper
status: personal project
são paulo, 2014

the idea was to carry out an installation of simple character that acted directly on some element present in the urban space. in this way, a sticker that could be applied directly to Itaú bank rentable bicycles was designed. the sticker, consisted of the portuguese prefix tram, and when added to the side of the word bike would form the brazilian portuguese word trambique, popularly used to designate illegal business, what would definitely makes us question ourselves whether we are being tricked by the system. 

team: Daniel Jabra, Manuela Lourenço and Marilia Correa.

status: academic project 
são paulo, 2013

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